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Place the responcibility where it belongs
27. November 2006

Why are the prostitutes confined to the red light district, when their customers are allowed in all districts?

The increasing number of foreign prostitutes in Norway, as well as a more visible street prostitution, has brought about a debate concerning Norway’s attitude towards the trade in human beings. Is the problem that the prostitutes work the wrong streets, or is it a question of prostitution as an existing trade?

A similar increase to the one found in Norway can be detected all of Europe. One exception is Sweden. After passing a law in 1999 criminalising the act of buying services from prostitutes, Sweden effectively banned the sex trade.  As a result, the demand for prostitutes has decreased, and Sweden is no longer an attractive market for human traffickers.

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Pornografication of the youth culture
03. April 2003

NIKK workshop on pornofication in Tallinn 2003, by Ms Ane Stø, director of the Norwegian feminist group "Kvinnegruppa Ottar" which is fighting against pornography, prostitution and violence against women.

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On Pornography and prostitution
01. June 2000

Workshop on The Beijing+ Conference in New York, June 2000 by Asta Håland & Ane Stø

The porn and prostitution industry is the third most profitable industry in the world after weapons and drugs. In the United States the porn industry is bigger than film and record industry together. It is an enormous industry, with an enormous machinery to protect its interests, including PR-consultants, journalists and media, and even academics.

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Pornographic movie
01. March 1999

Presented on a debate meeting in Bergen, by Trude Håland, Spring 1999

The feminist group Ottar in Oslo are concerned with the suppression and discrimination of women generally, but we are most known for our work against what we call sexual oppression or violence; prostitution, pornography and sexual harassment and rape. I am invited here to debate Cinemateket's decision to show pornographic material.



The rise and fall of the Joint Action in Norway

The Project Nordic Prostitution Policy Reform comments on activist campaigning

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Criminalizing buyers of sex acts

Norway got a new law criminalizing the buyers of sex acts today. The Feminist Group Ottar has worked hard for years and years to get this law. We sat at the gallery and cheered as the law passed in Parliament. After we celebrated with champagne and singing.

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Same sex marriage law passed by wide majority

Same sex partners will now be able marry as the Norwegian parliament passed a new marriage law on Wednesday. Adoption will be easier and lesbian couples will qualify for state funded fertility treatment.

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Gender in Norway

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