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Pornography and prostitution are two sides of the same issue. There is no principal difference between buying a human being on glossy paper, on film or in real life.

Prostitution is abuse and the customers are abusers. Brothels must be closed down, the customers must be penalized and support arrangements for the women in prostitution must be strengthened.

The fight against the selling and buying of women is linked to the fight to strengthen women’s economical situation and improve their work conditions. We want the six hours workday with full day wages.

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Who Ottar is

The Feminist Group Ottar is a radical group of feminist activists. Ottar is a women’s organization, independent of the political parties, grounded in 1991.

The Feminist Group Ottar is named after the pioneer Elise Ottesen-Jensen, called Ottar. She worked most of the previous century for women’s rights, particularly for the right to contraception’s and abortion.

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About Ottar

We have common program and laws. So far, we have agreed on sections on:
Sexualised harassment and violence
Reproductive rights
Economic oppression
Family politics
Lesbian and gay polics
International solidarity

Each group is free to develop its own politics, based on the program, and also on areas where Ottar have no common program. Group autonomy is important to Ottar.

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The Feminist Group Ottar

Wages, choice of career, poverty, contraception and abortion, pornography and prostitution. It’s all about dignity, life conditions and personal growth. Our task is to change the society. Feminism is to take action.

Struggle for women’s liberation is a confrontation against being simplified, framed up and objectified.

is to fight the patriarchy
is to take room
is to decide yourself
is a political choice

Clarify, confront and make a change. Be a feminist!



The rise and fall of the Joint Action in Norway

The Project Nordic Prostitution Policy Reform comments on activist campaigning

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Criminalizing buyers of sex acts

Norway got a new law criminalizing the buyers of sex acts today. The Feminist Group Ottar has worked hard for years and years to get this law. We sat at the gallery and cheered as the law passed in Parliament. After we celebrated with champagne and singing.

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Same sex marriage law passed by wide majority

Same sex partners will now be able marry as the Norwegian parliament passed a new marriage law on Wednesday. Adoption will be easier and lesbian couples will qualify for state funded fertility treatment.

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Gender in Norway

Gender in Norway is an English language information service about official gender equality work, gender research, and gender statistics in Norway. Go to